Can Technology Be Used to Enhance Learning?

Our world is an interesting one where we use technology to make the best of things. From making new ways of creating industrial tools and products to saving the environment, technology has an answer to almost anything. 

As we developed as a species, we had access to more and more knowledge. Come the internet, we had access to vast amounts of knowledge. That is all fine and dandy, for those who want to learn and are not afraid to spend countless time reading books and testing formulae. 

The very process of learning is laborious and can be difficult. Can technology enhance that process? The answer is yes and there are multiple examples of how.

Knowledge Galore – Free Knowledge for Everyone

Once you get internet access, you already have more knowledge than you can hold in your mind. All of this knowledge can paralyze the ones seeking it, mostly because of choice. Choice paralysis is a normal occurrence when presented with more than a single choice. 

However, this can already enhance learning, because you could choose whatever you wish and with that, you can do it for free (or not exactly free, given the internet plan fees, or mobile data plan fees). 

By providing us with more things to learn, the process itself is better.

Audio Learning – Aural Learning is Better

Some people are much better at learning when presented with aural content. Audio recordings of various lectures, not to mention old lectures from a long time ago, and you can learn something which would have otherwise been boring or difficult.

Not everyone is ready to read lines of text and from a screen, which can be tedious from all the backlight. Audiobooks are the answer, as well as recordings from new lectures and old, from universities from all over the world.

Video Lessons – Learning Through Video Courses

Some people have thought of everything, including making video lessons. These are not uncommon and have been a thing since the 80s and even earlier. Video lessons have existed on VHS tapes, and nowadays, they can be accessed through various online learning sites.

All topics are covered, depending on the site, at all levels of difficulty. When presented with various data charts, animations and a lecturer who can animate you and keep you entertained, you are more likely to pay attention and learn.

Online University Courses – Your Choice

Some universities have taken steps to make online courses available to their students and everybody else who would like to learn. Not all of these are free, but some are, making that knowledge even more accessible.

Not having to go to a distant university and attend lessons can lower your costs. Having the ability to attend a course on your own schedule with previously recorded content is a blessing.

Learning can be better with technology. We are presented with a huge choice of what to learn, we have various methods of learning available to us and even universities are ready to make their courses available to the public, for a fee, or even for free. Technology is opening new doors, with every new invention.