Must-Have Apps for Book Lovers

Technology allows us to do some wonderful things, like explore the internet and find whatever it is that we need. From guides on how to make various things to very useful tools to solve problems, the internet has an answer for everything. And while the internet can serve very well when it comes to education of any kind, it also serves well for entertainment purposes! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? So with various sites and apps offering their streaming services (Netflix, for example), the audience is only one click away from their next enjoyment. And while some people turn to Netflix for fun, some people like using! But what about book lovers, what do they get from the internet?

Book lovers also benefit from the internet, specifically because they can use it to find many great books. Using browsers is one of the ways to do it, but on mobile devices, applications are the faster and more optimized solution. Following are the best applications for book lovers.


This site is like the Metacritic for movies and video games. Goodreads has plenty of users, over 20 million. Each user can leave their own review and opinion of a book, meaning that other users and visitors can get a feeling of what some book is like, what it presents, or more appropriately, what other people think about it. 

It is a great place to gather opinions about books, prior to making a commitment and purchasing one.


Amazon made its money on selling books and having others sell them. It is only natural that Amazon will also offer one of the best book platforms and apps. Their Kindle products are among the best ereaders you can purchase.

The Kindle app also has the entire Amazon database, as you would be able to purchase if you had a Kindle device. You can also browse various magazines and other non-novel formats, reading them, in high definition, even.


Scribd is one of the most interesting reading platforms, because of their all access subscription method. For 9 dollars per month, you can access their entire database and it is a huge database. They have books, essays, research papers, all sorts of things anybody interested in books and literature would need. Make sure to use all of those books that you get access to, otherwise, you might be funding Scribd, and not your own knowledge.

Book Wall

This is an exceptionally well designed app for newcomers to the world of reading. It is also interesting for those who already love books. It is basically a book finder, where you enter a couple criteria and a wall of book covers appears in front of you.

Adding more criteria and filters will basically disintegrate some books, leaving you with the most probable choices for you. This is a great book finder application, and the interactiveness of it makes it fun for new and upcoming book aficionados.


This is a very interesting app from the perspective of the writer. Upcoming and already established writers can post their work here, or work in progress and get feedback from others as they are making it. Readers can make inquiries about the work, the themes, plot, devices used, while writers can interact with their “fans” and receive some criticism in advance.

A well mannered and knowledgeable reader can turn a writer’s work upside down, for the better.


Audible is the main platform if you want to listen to a book rather than read one. Audible offers a great selection of audiobooks, some of which you would be very happy to hear. Whether a favorite fantasy novel or a timeless classic, Audible has the audiobook for you.

These are some of the most essential apps for book lovers, must-haves if you will.