How to Convert Traditional Art and Illustration to Digital Art

Art is something we all need to an extent. Some prefer poetry, others music, while some love drawing, illustrating and painting. Paintings and drawings can be lost or damaged, making things pretty difficult for the artist who would have loved to have preserved them.

Luckily, besides giving people a chance to entertain themselves in many ways, like having fun on sites like, technology allows people to preserve paintings and drawings in a modern way. Digital art nowadays is every bit as important as traditional art, especially because you can preserve traditional art using digital art. 

If you have art which you would like to convert to digital art, there are a couple of ways to do it. Here is how.

A Good Scanner

The first thing you need to digitize your artwork is a good scanner. Some argue that a good digital camera can do the trick, but the setup for capturing a still 2D image is much more difficult than simply purchasing a good scanner. Scanners with a larger DPI or dots per inch, will result in a better image quality, which is something you want if you plan on scanning complex artwork.

After scanning, there are other steps to be taken in order for your art to be preserved and converted.

Making a Digital Version – Sketches and Drawings

Sketches and drawings are the most easy to digitize pieces of art. Sketches come first, because they often have only lines of black. Using software like Adobe Illustrator will help, because you can outline your sketch using the pen tool, after successfully importing the scanned image. 

Other tools are of course available, from the Corel suite of tools, not to mention the open source and free GIMP. It is also worth noting that drawings can also be turned into digital art with ease.

Paintings – A Complex Issue

Paintings can be scanned, just as well as a drawing or sketch. Here we run into an issue, however, of actually making a digital version of that painting, one which can be editable. You could import it as a photo into various digital art tools like Adobe Photoshop, but it would simply be a scan or photo of your art.

Repainting it digitally is the logical step to take, basically using the scan and photo as an outline. That is much easier said than done, especially compared to sketches and drawings. It could be done, but it requires a lot of manual labor.

Saving Digital Copies – Scanners and Cameras

The easiest way to turn your physical art copies to digital art is using scanners and cameras, just for the sake of having digital copies. This is a safe way of having copies in case something happens to the originals. Converting it into actual digital art and not copies, is a matter of hard work and patience, as well as using the right software.

Digital art is a way of creating magnificent new pieces of art, as well as preserving what we already have, from sketches, to drawings and paintings, not to mention photographs, the analog ones, of course. With these tips, saving your art should be easier.