Is Goodreads Still a Good Tool for Book Lovers?

People love being online, whether to talk to their friends or followers or to check out Portuguese Novos casinos online in English. But something we all love about the internet is social media, baby. People love social media and that is a fact. Whether for the dopamine hits that they produce or various other reasons which have to do with marketing, exposure and socializing, people love social media.

Some social media is meant for business, like LinkedIn, while other social media is meant for book lovers, like Goodreads.

People socialize on Goodreads, but most often use it to find books that they enjoy, through the many opinions of other readers, who leave their subjective and opinionated reviews. Goodreads has been one of the go to places for people who want to find books. Is it still that same tool, today?

A Social Media Platform with Books

Some people criticize Goodreads that they have become Facebook with books. Social media is fine and all, but a platform for readers to find their books, complete challenges and recommend books to others is what Goodreads should be.

It is understandable that nobody would pass on the opportunity to keep their user base occupied. Goodreads is the most dominant site when it comes to reading social media. Some would love meticulous changes to Goodreads’ engine and the way the site operates, especially for basic features.

Reviews Galore – The Other Side

Goodreads will have multiple thousands of reviews, from its 80 million users and counting. People love giving their opinions about subjects, when they are wanted and with the dawn of the internet, especially when they are not. 

When it comes to Goodreads, just like any other site where people leave reviews you should take some of them with a huge mountain of salt. Not all people have the knowledge, cultural, artistic and historic background to comment on some topics, and even simpler, they might not be in the neutral emotional state when writing a review. 

Read multiple reviews if you must, but try to judge on your own. 

Option Paralysis

When you have millions of books at your disposal, it is pretty difficult to make a choice, unless you use filters and options. But to do that, you have to have some idea of what you want in the first place. 

Too many choices and you have no idea where to go. This is what the internet does best, gives lots of choices to people. When presented with so many choices at once, most of us either pause or never make a choice. 

Focusing Helps find Books

Goodreads can be a great choice for the reader who has a pretty good idea of what they want to find. You can filter your results and that will most likely help you in the quest to find the right author or genre, not to mention style and movement.

With the right mindset, Goodreads can be a great tool. But, not everyone is a master in knowing what they want. Beginners might find it troublesome.

Goodreads can be a great tool for book lovers, but it can also be time consuming, which takes time away from reading. It can become another social media site if you allow it to, so have that in mind if you go on a book hunt.