It is interesting that most of our history as humans, we had art along the way, either going with the times or against them, often giving us a very accurate representation of a period of history in a specific part of the world. Art tends to get lost from time to time, especially when originals are destroyed in freak accidents or at times, intentionally. Some people do not like having history preserved, let alone art.

Luckily, with digitalization, we can preserve almost everything, from written text to paintings. Modern artists are able to recreate the Mona Liza in Microsoft Paint, a very rudimentary 2D drawing/painting software. Lots of original music pieces have been preserved thanks to digital technology. Old analog tapes have been remastered and we can still enjoy the glory of old recordings.

All of art should at some point be digitized, from comic books to even sculptures. We strive to bring you information about art and about the digital world, especially how the two interact.