6 Inventions That Changed The Way We Make Art

Art is one of the most remarkable things in the world. It has many parts to it and it encapsules many other things which might not be at first considered art. Art has changed since the dawn of it, in many ways. But, some changes came because they were brought upon the world by new inventions.

Today, we have multiple inventions every year, but not every single one of those influenced art. Here are some, however, that did.


Ceramics were used to make art from a very long time ago. From urns to statuettes, ceramics account for some of the most iconic art that was created since man started making art. Some of the most common shapes made from ceramics which had art on them were amphoras.

Stained Glass

Everyone loves to see a lovely stained glass window, whether in a local bar, on their door or in a church, where you are likely to find many of them. Some think that stained glass was invented in Egypt around 2500 years BCE. It was certainly around since 1st century Rome, where residential houses had some stained glass windows. The process involves using colors to color the glass, or rather, metal oxide. 

Stained glass windows are some of the most interesting pieces of art, beautiful and some of them used for storytelling.

The Palette and Tubes

Painting makes a large chunk of art, but painting as we know it wasn’t always there. Palettes weren’t invented until the 14th century, at least. Palettes gave artists an easy way to have colors at the ready, but not everyone had access to colors until paint tubes were invented.

At the end of the 19th century, the paint tube was invented by John Goffe Rand. This spearheaded art into a new direction, impressionism. Paint tubes enabled artists to go outside and bring their colors with them, allowing them to find more inspiration, or rather, a different kind.

The Camera

The invention of the camera, while it could technically date back ages ago, was realistically done in 1826, by Nicephore Niepce. In the following years, the camera was changed and changed, to film photography, and then afterwards, digital photography. Every bit of change influenced art and the creation of new things.

Photography is an art movement of its own, not to mention film. Today, digitalization allows photographers and videographers to make art on the go, almost everywhere in the world. 

Neon Lights

The 1980s left a special place in many people’s hearts, even those who never got to live through them and experience them. This is particularly true because ot the period’s art and music.

The 80s were a time of creativity and change, one when neon lights were used to make amazing pieces of art. Neon lights were invented in the 1920s, but it took a lot of time for them to be commercially available, enough for artists to make amazing things with them.

Digital Art

Digital art was a consequence of technology, mainly personal computers which became accessible and powerful enough to easily run software which was primarily used for architecture and film.

Today, you can make art on your phone, not to mention specialized tablets for digital drawing and painting. This brought upon changes in the world of art, enabling new and old artists to make their own masterpieces.