Papercut Zine Library is home to nearly 15,000 independently published materials known as “zines.” A zine often resembles a magazine, but is not produced on a mass-scale and has very few or no ads.

The Papercut collection includes categories such as: Political, Feminism, Environment/Animals, Health/Sexuality, XXX (erotica/porn), Personal, Comics, Art/Film, Literature/Poetry, Queer/Trans, Race, Religion, Travel, Food/Cookbooks, Sports/Bikes, DIY/How-To, Foreign Language, Music, Parenting/Education, and more.

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Our catalog can be browsed online! Unfortunately, it is not especially searchable, but there are plans in the works to have an online database set up, so keep checking back for updates. Alternatively, librarians can also search by author, date published, what the zine looks like, and more.

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