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In addition to running the lending library and organizing readings, Papercut Librarians have facilitated zine-making workshops in a large range of contexts for participants of all ages both in Boston and beyond.

What do Papercut Zine Workshops look like?
The length of our zine workshops is very flexible and tends to cater to the age group we’re working with, but often runs between one to two hours. A typical workshop includes an ice breaker activity that introduces participants to diverse examples of zines, engages them in discussion about the importance and function of zines (everything from self expression to political usage– again depending on age and maturity of the audience), and concludes with the crafting of a zine that is either made independently or collaboratively with each participant contributing a page. The final product(s) are then photocopied and dispersed to the participants and the group can decide whether they’d like us to catalog their creation into our library.
Where have we done workshops in the past?
In K-12 classrooms and afterschool programs like a Somerville Middle SchoolGately Youth Center, and Teen Empowerment.
At public libraries and community events like the Boston Public Library (where we facilitated over 40 workshops in 2013!) and Union Square Farmers Market.
In museums like the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum, Institute for Contemporary Art, and Peabody Essex Museum.
In college and university classrooms at local institutions such as MIT and UMass.
Heck a Papercut librarian even did a workshop on another continent!
While many of our workshops are open-ended, we have also designed focused workshops for groups such as K-12 teachers and people learning about sexual and reproductive health .
Papercut librarians are happy to work with you to design a zine workshop that fits the needs and interests of your space.
Does it cost anything too have Papercut Librarians run a workshop?
For institutions operating with a budget we typically request compensation in the form of a donation to the library.  We have also run grant-funded workshop series in the past, and are always open to sliding scale or no-fee workshop for groups for whom a donation is prohibitive.
Please contact us at Papercut (at) riseup (dot) net for more information!

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