Kicking off mini-talk series!

Written By: Betty Slutsky Published: May 16th, 2014

Among the many delightful aspects of our growing (!) librarian staff collective is the specialized skills and knowledge we each bring with us! We’ve got a comic geek expert, a master of divinity, we’ve got punx, anarchists, feminists who can take you through the music zines, perzines, animal and environmental zines, give you gardening tips, tempt you with vegan baking recipes, enlighten you on zine culture in the Middle East, tell you where to find a D&D game, regale you with stories of repeatedly running into John Waters in P-Town, or share fun facts about Imperial Russian ballet. We keep promising each other a Report Night at one of our weekly Monday meetings, and then thought we should let our patrons in on the fun!

The fun starts Monday May 19th at 7PM! Come on in to hear An Astonishingly Brief History of (independent) Print Culture. By Adrienne. She went to College. For History. She aspires to contextualize zines in the broader history of people writing stuff down and why.

We intend to host talks on the third Mondays of the month at 7PM. Future topics may include comic talk, feminism and zines, baking zines, and who even knows what else? We’ll keep you posted, though!

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