Sunday December 4: Bay State Badass bike zine release party!

Written By: Betty Slutsky Published: Nov 16th, 2011

Created in the latter days of September 2011, the lady-centric Bay State Badass zine has been inducing lulz, inspiring reflection, and spreading knowledge of bike laws and safety not only throughout the Commonwealth, but the country. Entertaining and educating from Cambridge to Brookline, from Minneapolis to Kentucky, the Badass has received rave reviews from over a hundred friends and randos, and elicited approval from at least two lawyers.

So here comes this event!

3PM, Sunday December 4th at Papercut/Lorem Ipsum
1299 Cambridge Street 02139
If you ride your bike and wear your helmet to the party, you get a Papercut sticker!

In case you didn’t get one at a Critical Mass ride, proffered to you at an intersection, or thrown into your bike basket when you weren’t looking, Team Smash Em Up now invites you in from the cold to experience the Badass.

A zine for every attendee!
Accepting submissions for a second issue.
Also accepting $5± for Papercut.

What people are saying about the Bay State Badass:

I wish I could find a way to secretly pass this out to the teenage girls I teach bike safety to! – JP
Woah, rly?! This is amazing! -Cambridge
This is great! The alternating internet troll and librarian dialects make me swoon. – Ohio
I lolled; I will forgive you for the Katy Perry references. – Pittsburgh
0mg this zine! Lulz. – Ithaca
Immediate laffs – Delaware
This is so great. I want to call her and tell her how great this is, but she’s probably asleep. – reported but not confirmed in Allston
Lulz, amazing! – Everyone

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