Papercut’s Series of Workshops is Wrapping Up!

Written By: Papercut Zine Library Published: May 18th, 2011

Last week, Anna and I were psyched to host a workshop at Teen Empowerment, an after-school center for youth in Somerville. We talked about the differences between zines and magazines, and why independent media is important! In the end, we worked on creating a zine together with poetry, art, perspectives on high school, and a guide to getting to prom on the cheap! Thanks for having us, TE!

In the next couple weeks, we will hosting the last three workshops in this series! Here is some information on those:

5/22: Zines in the Classroom: A Workshop for Educators
This workshop will focus on zines as resources for educators. We will explore zines made about teaching and learning, both in mainstream and alternative contexts, as well as the many exciting uses of zines in the classroom.
Creation of DIY media is a powerful (as well as cheap and accessible!) way to empower students to process and express their knowledge and experiences. We will brainstorm ideas and put them into practice as we create our own flash-zine during the workshop!

5/28:  Zines and Reproductive Health
We will be exploring the ways in which zines have changed the way many femal-bodied people have learned about their bodies–from alternative menstrual products to fertility awareness and herbal contraception. Examples of zines which have been particularly influential will be provided. All are welcome to attend! 2pm-4pm, Somerville Public Library. RSVP.

5/29: Free Zine Workshop
What is a zine? Why are they important? Most of all, how can I make one?!! This workshop is an introduction to the wide world of zines–whether you are a beginner who has never held a zine in your hands, or someone looking for tips at the photocopier: this is a workshop for you! 12pm-2pm,@Papercut!

Special thanks, once again, to the Somerville Arts Council for making this series possible!

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