PZL Librarians Lead Zine Making Workshop at Somerville Middle School

Written By: drawmedy Published: Apr 2nd, 2011

Thanks to a generous grant from the Somerville Arts Council, PZL librarians Kimberly and Anna were able to lead a zine making workshop in March for over 40 7th grade students at the Arthur D. Healey school, the first of a series of zine-making workshops that the library will run throughout the Somerville community.

The workshop began with students exploring selections from the PZL collection and coming up with a class definition of a zine.  After discussing the reasons why individuals or communities might choose to make DIY publications, each class generated the material for their own zine in one class period!  Student pages included comics, reviews, reflections,  collages, and how-to’s.  It was a great time!  Here’s what the teachers had to say:

Thank you for the presentation by the Papercut Library to the Healey School in Somerville! The students were fully engaged, and left with full understanding about what zines are and their uses. The kids had a fantastic time creating their own zines, and didn’t want the time to end! Thanks again, and I am sure we have created some zine enthusiasts.

All the best,

Sherri Sklar

Humanities Teacher, Healey School

Your visit inspired my students to begin making their own zines in their free time!  The kids were deeply engrossed in the materials you brought along and in creating their own page.  Your presentation style was highly engaging, students were excited to participate, and I was impressed with their creative zine ideas.  We will have to build in some time to the curriculum to revisit the zine genre in the future.

Thank you!
Claire Schu
Humanities Teacher, Healey School

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