Written By: Papercut Zine Library Published: Feb 12th, 2018

“The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men,/Gang aft agley.” (Robert Burns)
Papercut Zine Librarians and our merry band of volunteers have been hard at work, packing up ALL of our zines to place in storage this winter, while the Democracy Center undergoes construction.
…No sooner was the last zine sorted and the last carton taped, but we got News on the Democracy Center’s construction. In short, the project ran into red tape, and construction won’t begin any earlier than mid-April. Argh!
We’re a little bummed, but the librarian spirit is irrepressible! This little delay won’t stop us, and our kick-ass volunteers, from taking a complete inventory of our collections, and then embarking on our re-cataloging project. And we’re making amazing progress already!
Want to be a part of what we do? Sign up at the form here!
No experience required! A friendly librarian will take you under their wing. Meet awesome people, read awesome zines!
Keep on rockin’, friends!

Written By: Papercut Zine Library Published: Jan 30th, 2018

Papercut needs YOU to volunteer! If you’re a PZL fan, now is the perfect time to get involved. Lend a few hours of your time to pack, inventory, and-or recatalog some of the coolest zines in Boston! Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeiOpUKttWykUbfXS-DF0zqKNN9thbCNyje6QbzwR8dx1GSKw/viewform

Written By: Papercut Zine Library Published: Jan 19th, 2018

We did it!!!

Holy wow, folx…we are blown away by your support, your spirit, and your dedication! We met our fundraising goal of $600 way ahead of time—and it’s all thanks to the generosity and selflessness of people like you! We’re truly honored to be serving such an incredible group of patrons. Through your likes, shares, and contributions, all of you made something clear: you believe in what we do, and that both humbles and inspires us.

Thank you.

So, what are we doing with these funds?…

  1. We’re now OFFICIALLY a Not For Profit, and we’re holding our first official meeting on Saturday! We’re going to have minutes and everything. We’ll be getting organized for our next actions…
  2. The collections need to be stored over the winter ☹ (I prefer to think of the collections as hibernating, and am jealous of them!) The Democracy Center building is undergoing some maintenance, so this weekend, the PZL librarians will pack up the zines for storage. Your $$$ help us acquire waterproof bins to keep the zines in mint condition.
  3. Bookcases and shelving units will be needed when the zines come back! Right now, our space is too small to show off all of our zines—some are stored in the Democracy Center basement. They’re accessible from the basement, but extra shelving puts more zines at your fingertips. Any leftover funds will be used to purchase this shelving.
  4. Getting a PZL laptop!! If we have enough funds, we’re hoping to acquire a tablet or laptop computer for the library. This will help librarians and patrons search our catalog comfortably.

Stay tuned for more news next week! The librarians are plotting, and news of volunteer opportunities, outreach, and programming will be released soon…

Keep on being awesome, guys! We love our zine patrons!

We need YOU to help us achieve NonProfit status!

Written By: Papercut Zine Library Published: Jan 3rd, 2018

PZL has been quiet for a few months, but things are buzzing behind the scenes–we’re officially a Not For Profit organization! But, it turns out we need $600 for the Massachusetts state filing fee and start-up costs, and we need your support! Click here to donate, and keep zines connected to communities.

Freeze the zines 2016!

Written By: Betty Slutsky Published: Feb 23rd, 2016

When 55 degree torrential downpours followed a subzero weekend, pipes burst and flooded Papercut Zine Library, soaking and damaging boxes containing several hundred to a thousand zines, many decades-old and irreplaceable. After consulting the New England Document Conservation Center (NEDCC), Papercut librarians quickly moved the soggy zines into the pizza freezer at the landlord’s restaurant across the street. The NEDCC told us the only way to save the zines is to get them professionally vacuum freeze dried, which, between boxing and shipping and treatment at the facility in Pennsylvania, carries a ~$2,000 price tag.

Yesterday we set up this fundraiser and thanks to a swift and enormous outpouring of support, from which we are still reeling, the vacuum freeze drying professionals picked up the ten carefully packed boxes of zines TODAY!  They’re heading to the facility in Allentown, PA this week!  Our fundraising goal also reflects a year of rent, as we have been running low on rent money lately and haven’t even set up internet in the location we’ve been at for nearly a year. With your help, this shan’t be the case for long!

Bye for now, zines! Come back dry and room temperature so we can read and love you again!

Remember that time the Guardian wrote about us?

Written By: Betty Slutsky Published: Feb 9th, 2016

Totally happened, btdubs.

Papercut is open today from 2-7PM!

Written By: Ally Published: Oct 18th, 2015

Hey folks! Just a reminder that Papercut is open today, and every sunday, from 2-7PM. See you soon at 10 Ward Street in Somerville!

Papercut is OPEN at our new space!

Written By: Ally Published: Sep 27th, 2015

Papercut is now officially OPEN at our new space! Stop by Sundays from 2-7PM (with the exception of Boston Zine Fest weekend, which is October 11th)

We’ve been working hard to rebuild the library and it’s finally READY for you! We’re signing up new members and signing out zines, so come visit! We also have a lot more exciting things in the works – stay tuned ;)

Our new address is 10 Ward St. in Somerville, MA. Street parking is free on Sundays. We’re a 13 minute walk from the Lechemere green line station!

See you soon!

Papercut is getting ready for our big move!

Written By: Papercut Zine Library Published: Jun 10th, 2015

We are in the midst of building shelving and other furniture and should be all ready for visitors as early as this month.

Please keep checking back or join our email list for updates on the official ~grand opening~

We’re so excited to have everyone back to check out zines again!

We’re still here!! Seriously!

Written By: Papercut Zine Library Published: May 19th, 2015

Oh, shoot. We’ve been doing our best to keep everyone in-the-know about current Papercut happenings, but our best sometimes leaves our website in the dark. There was a fire in our building in March, and while our dear library was luckily untouched by the flames (and by the sprinklers which flooded most other units), we’ve been in a constant battle with the city and our landlord to be allowed back into the space.

We will be opening occasionally over the next few weeks, but are unsure about our regular schedule. The best way to find out is to add us on Facebook or Twitter, or to email or text message us to schedule an appointment.

Another way to view our lovely zines is to check out one of our “Pop-Ups in the Park” events, happening throughout the summer. Or, let us know if you have an event or space you’d like to have a pop-up library at! We will bring 150ish zines with us for you to browse, along with some current zines and merch to buy!

Finally, I’d like to present a short slideshow highlighting our ~forever home~ dreams, in case you all come across a space that may work for us.

Papercut Searches for a New Space

Thanks as always for the support. <3

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