Why Art is Important – Art as a Medium

Art is something we had alongside our history, from a long time ago. The first art dates back to when humans were not as developed as they are today, namely, cave paintings. Since then, art has developed and reached new forms. 

Yet, some people question, every now and then, what is the importance of art? Some ask it as a rhetorical question, but others ask it seriously. Well, if it is a serious question, then it requires a serious answer. Here is why art is important.

Art Teaches Us About History

Art has always had a teaching role, often indirect. Learning about what our distant ancestors had thought of their art is something that they probably did not intend to do, depending on how distant they were.

Yet, since art takes many forms, written text can tell so many stories, literally.

Art is always connected to history, in the sense that most art says something about the period it was in, historically and culturally. Art can give us a sense of what was going on in the past, in various parts of the world.

Art Teaches Us About Culture

Some prefer history, but history lessons tend to fade away or be rewritten, depending on who is at the top and what their goal is. Culture, on the other hand, is passed down, generation to generation, whether orally or through written text and more often than not, through art. 

Art is always based on the things surrounding it, namely history and culture. The cultural part is very interesting, especially because some forms of art like paintings and some written texts, can say more about that period, culturally, than was initially intended. Reading between the lines can give us more answers and questions about certain people of a certain place and time, and all of that through their art.

Art is Beautiful

A touching song, an emotional poem or a painting which takes you to another place, all of those things are beautiful. Art is the beauty which exists in us and outside us. If something makes us feel beautiful and inspires us to move beyond our current train of thoughts, somewhere else, somewhere where we can even create art of our own, then that something is amazing. Art is amazing, and its importance grows with every person that finds beauty in the world, through a poem, novel, song, painting, sculpture, building, abstract art, whatever form it takes.

Art Moves the World

There were times throughout our recent history when musicians and other artists came together to make the world something better. Live Aid in 1985 is a great example, when many really famous artists held two separate concerts at the same time, raising money for hunger relief for the Ethiopian Famine.

This is but one of the many times when artists came together to create something special and influence the world when and where it needed influence.

Art can be many things, inspiring, beautiful, a teacher, and driving force, and it is beyond important.