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  • Published: Apr 15th, 2012

Papercut Tables at Spring Zine Thing

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Today we got to table at the “Spring Zine Thing,” a zine fair put on by Somerville community members at the Washington Street Art Center.  It was a great event with lots of local artists and zinesters.  Check out the list below to see some of the great zines and zine-making groups in the Boston area!

Because the Boss Belongs to Us :: www.alanakumbier.com
Miss Sequential :: http://marissaland.com/
Trees and Hills Comic Group :: http://treesandhills.org/
Easy Jaws :: http://onlives.net/2010/07/10/easy-jawz/
The Thunderboom Review of Things :: thundrboom.wordpress.com
i left this here for you to read :: http://timdevin.com/ileftthishereforyoutoread-about.html
Zombie Romance :: http://www.etsy.com/shop/zombieromance?section_id=5158623
No Thoughts :: http://www.nothoughtszine.com/
Cake Time :: http://caketimezine.tumblr.com/
Colin Tedford :: http://colintedford.com/
Coloring and Sketch Book :: www.catcraig.com
Moral Relativism :: http://moralrelativism.com/
Nothing Mattress :: http://nothingmattress.tumblr.com/
Lady Fest Boston :: http://ladyfestboston.blogspot.com/
Megan’s Zine About Something :: http://meganmary.com/

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  • Published: Feb 7th, 2012

Papercut Visits Gately Youth Center

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Papercut was happy to be invited to Gately Youth Center in North Cambridge to talk about zine making with young people in their girls’ zine project.  This awesome group has been working on zine content ever since seeing the work of a local zinester several months ago; each week the participants brainstorm words related to middle school, pick two words out of a hat, and make pages recording their thoughts, ideas, and experiences.  Papercut librarians Kimberly and Anna brought some examples of different ways to approach zine making with images, words, and book arts.  We are looking forward to cataloging the Gately zine when it is completed!

Over the past year we have enjoyed working with young people and teachers in classrooms and after schools.  Contact us if you are interested in having a zine workshop visit your school or program!

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  • Published: Jun 6th, 2011

Donate and win a mini Taste-of-Somerville!

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As you may have heard in our last post, we are extending our fund raising drive to make one final push to $3500!

As one of our final incentives we want to help you kick off summer in Boston right, so we’re raffling off chances to win great times and great treats from two of Somerville’s beloved eateries and treateries:

**A $20 gift certificate to Diesel cafe in Davis Square and
** A 10 person sundae party at JP Licks Homemade Icecream Cafe!! (lots of delish vegan options available)

Anyone who donates $5 or more will be entered in the raffle for the Diesel gift cert and anyone who donates $10 or more will be entered to win the sundae party!

You can donate via paypal here: http://bit.ly/jzTqtQ
Or send check or cash to 226 Pearl St / Somerville.

Help keep Papercut open and enjoy some of the tasty treats of Somerville!

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  • Published: Jun 5th, 2011

PZL Participates in Carnaval @ SomerStreets!

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Had a great time at today’s Carnaval @SomerStreets!  We were glad to be asked to participate by East Somerville Mainstreets, a great, local non-profit “dedicated to developing community initiatives and events that reflect and promote the true character of East Somerville as a vibrant place to live, visit, and do business.”  It’s awesome to have the opportunity to connect with our neighbors and other members of the community!

Not Your Typical Library: A Sprout Spaghetti Dinner

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We are honored to be presenting at our very first Sprout Dinner!

Sorry about the late notice, but we just weren’t sure about the snow.

We all know what public libraries are and that they’re in trouble. Even in Somerville, we’re hearing about the funding battles and support campaigns underway. At this month’s sprout spaghetti dinner, we’re going to look at a different set of libraries and library services–not your typical libraries. Maybe they don’t traffic in books; maybe they aren’t run by the government; maybe they’re just bookcases in someone’s living room. Whatever it is that sets these libraries apart, we want to hear their stories and how they handle issues that we traditionally associate with Public Libraries: access, censorship, safety, sharing, curation, and more.

Our performers will include ::
+ Sara Peattie and The Puppet Free Library
+ Heather McCann and The Boston Radical Reference Collective
+ personal monologues sharing small-scale libraries in people’s homes and workplaces
+ Anna Mudd and other members of The Papercut Zine Library
+ with music from The Moondog Madrigal & The Spaghetti Dinner House Band

We sincerely hope that you can make it out, in spite of the snow! (You do not want to miss our dance routine…)

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