A workshop we had in Chinatown!


Here is an article about our workshop at The Chinatown Storefront Library that we held last winter, while we were between spaces. The Storefront Library was an amazing project, and we were all very excited about becoming involved.

“Free Zine Event with Papercut Zine Library”

In addition to the workshop, we also gave them a small portion of our collection for their patrons to read and learn about zines while they were there.

Our Zine Release Party!

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We had a Zine Release and Swap Party at Papercut last weekend and it was a success!

6-7 new zines from the Boston area were shown off in our space, and folks traded and read excerpts aloud all while enjoying the refreshments. We hope to make this a regular thing, so stay tuned if you are planning on releasing your own zine in the coming months.

We also had a spur of the moment Gallery opening, when an old friend of the Library stopped by to drop off some posters which were used in the 2008 Boston Zine Fair.

The full-color posters display some of our very own zine covers, and next to each poster hangs the zine from which the poster was made from.

We are calling this exhibit: “Zines As Art” — Come check it out soon and see them for yourself!

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