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  • Published: Sep 3rd, 2012

Closed today, Labor Day

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Sorry for the inconvenience, but we will be closed today. Enjoy your holiday, see you all next weekend!

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  • Published: Jul 30th, 2012

Preserving Our Collection

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As Papercut inches closer and closer to reaching our 15,000th zine, we librarians are having more and more trouble keeping those zines clean and organized! As you may know, when we moved into our Inman Square location we decided to store around 2/3 of our collection in the basement. Although it is a clean and productive space, it is still a basement; full of dust and moisture that are simply not conducive to keeping aging periodicals.

This, dear patrons and zinesters, is where you come in!

If you have any of the following items, or ideas for helping to preserve our precious collection, please let us know! You can come in during open hours, or email us at Papercut(at)riseup(dot)net.

-Polypropeline or comic sleeves
-Stationary boxes (with lids)
-Comic or magazine boxes (with lids)
-Dustbuster (or other smallish vacuum)

Thanks so much for any leads/donations/etc! <3

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  • Published: Jul 9th, 2012

Thanks to Closed Door Fanzine!

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The latest issue of Closed Door Fanzine was released this past Friday at the Democracy Center in Harvard Square. This zine features photos of hardcore bands from Massachusetts taken by my dear friend, Tim O’connell. The release show featured some of Boston’s finest hardcore bands, with a few surprise sets throughout the night! Thanks to everyone who came out and played in support of awesome zines and the library that showcases them. Door donations were split between bands, Closed Door, and also served as a benefit for the zine library — helping us to pay a whole month’s rent! So thanks to everyone who came out and donated to this — it is greatly appreciated :)

For info on how to get a copy of Closed Door Fanzine, email Tim – timoconnell5(at)yahoo.com

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  • Published: Jun 11th, 2012

New Bike Parking!

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We now have TONS of bike parking right in front of Papercut/Lorem Ipsum! Stop by on your ride on this gorgeous day, we will be open from 2-7 PM.

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  • Published: May 3rd, 2012

New High 5s and Slingshots in

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Just in time for the weekend. New Slingshot and High-5s on display.

Bonus hours today (Thursday) from 3:30-5pm. Come hang out.

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  • Published: Apr 30th, 2012

PCZL Invades Wesern Mass!

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We’d like to thank Food For Thought Books and everyone who was involved in making the Zine Fest possible! Lex and I had a blast tabling this year and meeting some of our favorite zinesters. I did a pretty low-key workshop on Saturday about Zines, Papercut, and the importance of independent media (“What’s a zine, anyway?”) that I hope folks enjoyed. Here’s some pictures from Food For Thought from the event! (More here)

Here I am tabling next to Kim Funk and Suzi X!!

Here are our buddies Brian (Nothing Mattress) and Chelsea tabling. Chelsea designed our membership cards and big-buttons ~ and also lent us her buttonmaker for some last minute merch-making. Thanks Chelsea!

Vicky and Hanna tabling High 5, a zine that is made in the same building as Papercut. Ruuules.

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  • Published: Apr 23rd, 2012

Pioneer Valley Zine Fest!

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Pioneer Valley Zine Fest is a three day event that strives to bring accessibility to DIY zine making as well as supporting radical independent publishing. Our goal is to bring writers, activists, artists and community members together through sharing, connecting, and collaborating.

Zines, which are written in a variety of formats, strive to set importance on bringing literature, art, and politics out of a profit oriented industry. This lets information that is often exlusive to academic or privileged spheres available to a more general public. Zines offer a founding basis of Do-it-yourself “DIY” communities and encourage anyone to write fiction, non fiction, or anything else without the need of a publisher.

Papercut will be tabling at this on Saturday, so look out for our table!

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  • Published: Apr 2nd, 2012

Fridays Added to our Open Hours!

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We are delighted to report that starting this Friday the 30th, members of our captivating librarian staff will be here to serve you each Friday between the hours of 2-7PM!

Again, these days you will find our library at 1299 Cambridge Street, in the back of Lorem Ipsum Books in Inman Square in Cambridge.  Our librarians staff the space Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays from
Come on by and check us out!  Check some zines out! And check out the rad used bookstore in which we are now housed.

  • Author: kimberly
  • Published: Feb 20th, 2012

Queer and Trans Zine Exhibition

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We will be displaying some of our favorite queer and trans zines at PCZL until April 1st! Come check out what we have in store, and don’t forget to visit our friends over at the Queer Zine Archive Project.

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  • Published: Jan 23rd, 2012

Our benefit show/tour kickoff last Friday!

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We’d like to give a HUGE thank you to Gil and the rest of the Free Spirit dudes for organizing a great kickoff show for them and Disengage. Kids attending the show brought lots of rad one-page zines (and a few full zines as well) to share — and we raised $350 for Papercut! Other bands that played: Our Side, Bloodkrow Butcher, Pegasus and Step Forward — thanks guys for playing some awesome sets and bringing everyone out!

Come to the library today to see a few of the zines I picked up Friday, and be sure to check out photos at Future-Breed.com ( http://ow.ly/8DkCh )

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