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  • Published: Feb 23rd, 2015

“Notes from Underground: Countercultural Print Material from Samizdat to Zines” next week

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Co-organized by a PZL librarian, on March 3rd a panel on Harvard’s campus will look at zines in connection with Samizdat, the tradition of underground Soviet self-publishing, and ask questions about countercultural print materials in university archives. Local zinesters and zine librarians Alana Kumbier and Honor Moody will be talking, Alana discussing her recent book Ephemeral Material: Queering the Archive and Honor talking about the zine collection at Radcliffe’s Schlesinger library. See more information on the full panel, “Notes from Underground: Countercultural Print Material from Samizdat to Zines.”

What questions are raised about the growing presence of zines in university collections? What questions and insights are raised about zines when discussing them alongside other historical traditions of self-publishing? Come take part in the conversation!

Time: Tuesday, March 3rd from 4:00 – 6:00pm
Location: 1730 Cambridge Street, Room S020
Free and open to the public

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  • Published: Nov 4th, 2013

Teen Workshop Series with the Boston Public Library!

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This month we are thrilled to be doing **20** zine workshops for teens in partnership with the Boston Public Library system.  Check out the dates, times, and locations below and spread the word!  And remember that we will have reduced library hours this month to accommodate all these events.

11/4 – South Boston @3:30pm
11/5 – East Boston @3:30pm
11/7 – Central Library @3pm
11/7 – Parker Hill @4pm
11/8 – Dudley @ 1:30pm
11/12 – South End @3:30pm
11/12 – Hyde Park @2pm
11/12 – Uphams Corner @4:30pm
11/13 – Grove Hall @4pm
11/14 – Codman Square @4pm
11/15 – Fields Corner @3:30pm
11/18 – Faneuil @4pm
11/19 – Jamaica Plain @4pm
11/20 – Honan-Allston @4pm
11/21 – Connolly @4:30pm
11/25 – North End @4pm
11/25 – Lower Mills @4pm
11/26 – South Boston (Tierney Learning Center) @3pm
11/26 – Roslindale @4pm
11/27 – Mattapan @3pm

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  • Published: Jul 1st, 2013

Summer workshops with the BPL


Papercut was happy to be asked by Boston Public Libraries to run a series of workshops this summer in various locations around the city and surrounding areas.  These workshops are geared towards teens and pre-teens, so if you know young people or folks who hang with young people be sure to spread the word!

Tues. July 9 at 1PM ~~~~~ Dudley Branch, 65 Warren St. Roxury
Thurs. July 11 at 2PM ~~~  Lower Mills Branch, 27 Richmond St. Dorchester
Tues. July 16 at 2PM ~~~~ Hyde Park Branch, 35 Harvard Ave., Hyde Park
Weds. July 17 at 3:30 PM~ Mattapan Branch, 1350 Blue Hill Ave, Mattapan
Thurs. July 18 at 3PM ~~~~Grove Hall Branch, 41 Geneva St., Dorchester
Friday July 19 at 3pm ~~~~Fields Corner Branch, 1520 Dot Ave., Dorchester
Tues. July 23 at 3pm ~~~~~Codman Square Branch, 690 Washington St., Dorchester
Weds. July 24 at 1:30pm ~~Egleston Square Branch, 2044 Columbus Ave, Roxbury
Weds. July 31 at 2pm ~~~~  Central Library Branch, 700 Boylston St. Boston
Thurs. August 8 at 1:30pm ~~~South End Branch, 685 Tremont St. Boston
Mon. August 12 at 3:00pm ~~~ East Boston Branch, 276 Meridian Street, East Boston

Picture via wikipedia BPL reading room in 1871 at the first Boylston Street building, the library’s location between 1858 and 1895.

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Zines in Amman!


Papercut has zines written in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and is excited to add its very first Arabic-language zine to the collection!  A PZL librarian was recently traveling in Jordan and had the opportunity to run a zine workshop at an awesome art making space called The Studio run by four women in Amman.  Come in to check them out in our newly cataloged zine display!  There are more photos from the workshop on The Studio’s photo feed.

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  • Published: May 12th, 2013

Spring Yard Sale – Library Fundraiser

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~~Saturday May 18th ~~ 10am – 4pm ~~  32 Mansfield St. Lower Allston~~

** Music and movies**
** Books and Zines**
**Clothes and Houseware**
**Art and Office Supplies**
** brick and / or brack**

Share fb event with friends!

~~~All proceeds to benefit the library~~~

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  • Published: Apr 21st, 2013

Poety Open Mic and Library Fundraiser

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April is National Poetry Month

Papercut invites you to the library to check out our new poetry display

and to enjoy

readings by Antonio Ochoa, Jesse Mack, and maybe you?

We’ll also be raising some funds for our dear library, so there will be delicious baked goods for sale and opportunities to donate.

Hope to see you there!   Feel free to join and share the facebook event.

(Image from this blog)

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No collective meeting on New Year’s eve

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Hi all – there will be no collective meeting tonight (12/31/12).  Happy New Year!

(Image from Eric Arcia of Monkey Wrench Tattoo via http://icecoldzine.blogspot.com)

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  • Published: Dec 2nd, 2012

Mail Art Zine Release and Maker Meetup

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This December we’ll be celebrating the release of a new mail art zine by PZL friend Marissa Falco, and creating some radical postal creations of our own.

Originally conceived as a means for teaching young mail-art makers about the rules of the post office, the Parcel Ghost quickly took on an afterlife of his own. In the Parcel Ghost’s Guide to Post, the friendly spirit (who used to work for the post office when he was alive) shares his knowledge about mail practices and particulars, and tells some stories about his adventures and mail he’s sent and received.

Check out the new zine and join us for a mail art meetup — we will have inspiration, resources, and supplies on hand.  Here are some resources to get you thinking about mail art.

P.S.  Here’s the Facebook event.

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  • Published: Oct 14th, 2012

PoC Zine Project, MICE, and Museums: An event roundup

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The past few weeks we’ve had the awesome opportunity to partner with several projects, institutions, and events.  Here is a quick roundup of what we’ve been up to.  We would love to hear what other partnerships you’d like to see us pursue!

First up:  On Sept. 15th we were psyched to partner with the PoC Zine Project and Alana Kumbier at Wellesley College for a fundraiser to support the Race Riot Tour. The PoCZP’s mission is to “make it easier for POC zine fans and their supporters to find a diverse selection of zines made by POC.”  We were able to raise gas money to support the tour, feature zines made by local zinesters of color, and will feature an exhibit of PoC zines at the end of the tour.  These folks are doing really important work – here’s how YOU can support the Race Riot tour RIGHT NOW.

Next, we partnered with the Boston Comics Roundtable to put on a panel discussion with local comics artists and zinesters in advance of this year’s Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE).  The theme of the panel was the intersections between indie comics and zines.  Brian Connolly, Alizeé de Pin, Chelsea Dirck, Lily Richeson, and Marissa Falco discussed zine aesthetics, the difference between zine fairs and comic fests, swapping culture and more.  

And last but not least, last week we partnered with the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum for a day-long drop in workshop putting zines in conversation with archival materials from the museum’s collection. Here were some of our prompts:

Personal Zines are one of the largest category at the Papercut Zine Library.  They often include voices that are not present, and whose stories are not frequently told, in mainstream print media. This might include anyone from young people, differently abled individuals, anarchists, people of color, to urban substitute teachers.  Isabella Gardner’s diaries document the voice of an educated and influential woman at a time when women’s voices were not frequently recorded.  These forms of ephemeral print media (zines, diaries) become part of history when we recognize that they give us access to voices we might not find in books and newspapers.

If you were to create a personal zine, what would you share? What would you want visitors to the Gardner Museum in 100 years to know about you?  What could you fit onto one page?

Isabella Gardner used words and image in her travel journals to document and share her experiences in parts of the world few of her peers would ever see.  These travel zines share experiences of hidden places, beloved parts of hometowns, and personal journeys.

How would you describe your trip to the Gardner Museum to someone in another part of the country?  Another part of the world?  What would you draw and what words would you use to describe it?  What would you share about Boston or your home town that your readers might not know?

Isabella Gardner had an eclectic circle of acquaintances including artists, politicians, world travelers, and writers.  She corresponded with them frequently, and her letters provide us with a glimpse into her thoughts, dialogues, and exchanges of ideas.  Zines often use the mail, and mail art, as a way to foster connection and expression through pen pals, political letter writing campaigns, or communication to spaces that can’t easily be physically accessed (such as prisons).

Make a piece of mail art to include in a zine.  Isabella Gardner often wrote to great thinkers of her time, or those she met while traveling.  Make a piece of mail to send to an artist or writer who has inspired you, someone in a country you might never visit, or a place in America you might never go.

Stay tuned for more posts sharing the zine we made through out partnership with the Union Square Farmer’s Market.  Whew!  Who else should we hook up with??
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  • Published: Jun 2nd, 2012

Couch Surfing Zine Making Meetup

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Just in time for the start of the summer couch surfing season, Papercut hosted a zine release for “A Couch Surfers Guide to Some Fun Stuff to do in Boston” and a zine making meetup for other ‘surfers.  It was really fun!  If we were to have more themed zine making meetups, what would kind of zine would you want to make??  (You can get a copy of the couch surfing guide to Boston by donating to Papercut!  Find more info here.)

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