Papercut Cameo!

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Check out this fantastic slideshow from on the history of zines, featuring our dear friend and former PApercut Librarian Mothra!

Probably goes without saying,

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But we will be closed today. Please stay safe, everyone!

Papercut Catalogues its 15,000th Zine!

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Hello Zinesters!

We are pleased to announce that Papercut Zine Library has recently catalogued its 15000th zine! This is such a wonderful accomplishment; it really humbles all of us involved with the collective because it demonstrates the years and years of hard work of our librarians and the never-ending support of our patrons. Once again, thank you to all those who have helped make PZL what it is over all of these tumultuous, yet wonderful, years. After two relocations, we are still going strong, and there are some big plans in the works for the future. We are all very excited for the coming months and wherever this wild adventure that is organizing a completely volunteer-run zine library will bring us!

Please be sure to stop in and renew your yearly membership and/or convince your friends to help sustain the library by signing up. Every (re)new(ed) membership counts and helps us to continue serving as a resource for the metro-Boston zine/DIY/librarian community.

Also, what better time to stop in and browse zines than now! We have recently swapped out our fabulous February/March zine display on “relationships” for an equally terrific zine display of literature/poetry zines! Hand-picked by one of our librarians, we guarantee that the zines will leave you wanting to put the ink to the paper and draft your own zine full of witty lines and feelings. :)

Happy Spring,
Seanie, PZL

Update About Our Collective Meetings

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Historically, Papercut Librarians have met each Monday at 7:30pm to discuss matters pertaining to the library. During these meetings, we introduce the library to new trainees, discuss fund-raising efforts, propose new ways to organize and catalog materials, and so much more. Unfortunately, sometimes night-classes, work, and other responsibilities keep librarians from attending on Monday nights, so we’ve come up with a compromise:

From now on, PCZL meetings will be held on the 1st, 2nd, 4th (and if there’s a 5th, the 5th) Monday night. On the 3rd week of each month, we will meet on Sunday afternoon instead!

Occasionally, we have also been switching to a chatroom meeting (oftentimes due to weather). We try to alert the list serve when this happens, but if you are planning on attending a meeting for the first time it’s a good idea to email us so that we can be in touch. Again, this doesn’t happen often, but we just want to make sure nobody shows up to an empty library!

If you’re interested in getting involved, Papercut is always looking for new volunteers. Email us at Papercut(at)rise up(dot)net for more info.

We are still here!!!

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We apologize for the minor panic last week. For those who have not heard, Lorem Ipsum, the bookstore that Papercut lives in, is facing some serious financial trouble. Their landlord has extended the time they have to pay their back-rent, however, we are not quite sure what the future holds for the library or this store. Both are incredible resources, and now true staples of Inman Square. We will keep everybody updated as soon as we know more. Until then, please assume Papercut will contnue to be open during our regular hours (Friday-Monday, 2-7pm).

Thank you!

More info on the situation in the Phoenix Blog (Click here)

New! Shop @Storenvy

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Here’s one more way to support Papercut zine Library: By buying some of our home-made merch online! All of these items are available in our library, but for those of you who are not local we would be happy to ship it out to you.

Check out our buttons, patches, t-shirts and membership packs~all designed and produced by local artists and/or Papercut librarians!

[Zine Reading] Motor City Kitty on 1/23!

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“Brianna Dearest is hitting the road for her first zine tour in celebration of the release of the 20th issue of her zine, “Motor City Kitty.” A perzine with a feminist slant, “Motor City Kitty” has been in publication since 2004.

Issue 20 focuses on Brianna working towards bettering her life in a variety of ways- from getting off the internet to getting relatively sober to traveling extensively.”

Brianna will be reading from her zine. If you are interested in reading, as well, please email us at papercut(at)

RSVP Here!

Papercut Opens Early on Sunday for a Bake Sale!

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This Sunday, come by the library between noon and 7 for a very special bake sale!

This would be a great stop in between your last minute holiday shopping, or simply a reason to leave the house on a lazy Sunday ;)

Free coffee for folks with yearly membership cards, and perhaps some other DEALS for new members…

http://www, /// 617-871-ZINE

RSVP here!

Sara Marcus Reading this Friday, 11/23!

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As part of the GIRLS ROCK CAMP ALLIANCE 50 SHOWS/50 STATES drive this November, GIRLS ROCK CAMPAIGN BOSTON is delighted to have SARA MARCUS, author of “Girls to the Front” for a GRCB reading/fundraiser event!

Friday, Nov. 23rd 4-6 p.m.
Lorem Ipsum Books/Papercut Zine Library
1299 Cambridge St., Cambridge Mass

Suggested Donation: $12

SARA MARCUS has written about music, books, and politics for numerous publications, including Bookforum, The San Francisco Chronicle, the Los Angeles Review of Books,, Slate, Salon, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Time Out New York, The Forward, and Heeb magazine, where she was politics editor for five years. Her poetry has appeared in Death, Encyclopedia, EOAGH, Tantalum, and The Art of Touring. She’s taught at girls’ rock camps in Portland and New York, and played drums and keyboards “in a long string of relatively short-lived bands, and I continue to instigate communal, de-skilled music making whenever possible.” Website: Tumblr:

If you are unable to attend, please consider donating to:

To learn more about Girls Rock Camp Boston:

Papercut will be open with a number of our favorite Riot Grrrl and related zines on display to browse during the event, so be sure to check us out while you are there! We will also have a few copies of the zines made by Girls Rock Campers in 2010 and 2011 during Papercut’s workshops.

(Facebook event here)

New Membership Cards Are IN! Renew Today.

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Thanks so much to Brian Connolly, who does the Nothing Mattress comic, for designing the new cards :)

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