Hours changing, Circulation ceasing, and oh yea…we are moving!

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Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Patrons,
Papercut will soon cut our open hours down to Saturdays and Sundays, 2-7PM, with Monday the 8th being our last Monday for a while. We apologize if this makes visiting difficult for anyone, but we are still able to open by appointment!  If you have friends coming in from out of town, a class of students eager to learn about zines, or you just can’t seem to make it out on the weekends, please do not hesitate to drop us an email. A week’s notice is helpful, but other than that we’re pretty easygoing. Please note that if you have zines which are due on a later Monday, you can still put them through the drop slot on the front door!
In addition to changing hours, on August 20th we will halt all circulation of our materials. Not forever, but we are beginning to reorganize in preparation for another move and would like to ensure that all zines, movies, vinyl, and tapes are in order before we begin the process.
We have gotten some exciting offers and are exploring the possibilities of inhabiting a more accessible space. Although we have treasured our time and new friendships made here in East Somerville, we recognize that it is not an ideal building for us and that we should not rule out new opportunities.
Full details and final decisions on our move will be announced by September 1st, and we should be open and circulating again by January at the latest. Please come by to browse and read in the library in the meantime — and we will do our best to continue our events programming until the big move!
If you have some time in September, and would like to volunteer, please email us with any relevant info (ie: I am available at these times/I have a huge van/I love carrying heavy furniture) We could certainly use the help!
Thank you all for being a part of the Papercut Zine Library!
The Papercut Zine Librarians

Thank you, Boston Latin School!

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The Boston Latin School‘s afternoon drawing class made a trip out to Papercut recently! They were so excited about our collection, that they ended up making their own zine together. Thanks for sending us a copy, BLS. Come back any time :)


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Over a hundred wonderful patrons, friends, and supporters of the library contributed to last month’s fundraising drive. We raised a little over $2,700 — which is great — but it is not as much as we had hoped.

Here is our final push to make ends meet and keep the library open another year! We will continue to fund raise through events, shows, and grants, but with the help of this fundraiser it will not need to be our main focus. Meaning, we will have more time to spend finding the best ways to archive and share our collection with ya’ll, as well as reach out the the broader community through workshops, readings, and other events.

If you have not donated, just click the little Widget guy to the right of this blog post to send us $5 (or more) via Paypal/credit card! You can also send checks or well-concealed cash to: Papercut Zine Library, 226 Pearl St. Somerville, MA 02145

If you HAVE donated: THANK YOU so much. Now, do you have any friends who might have slacked a little or forgotten to donate? Remind them that with just $5 they can help us meet our goal. Everyone’s participation is important!

$3,500 here we come!

Check out our past blog entries, below, for recent and ongoing incentives. There will be some more raffles announced this week as well. The sooner you donate, the more chance you have of winning!

Haven’t Donated Yet?! Here’s another incentive!

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Donate $10 or more by NOON on TUESDAY, and you will be entered in a drawing to receive a one-of-a-kind print by Somerville’s own Comic Artist/Zinester LIZ PRINCE!

Actually, there will be two drawings: Liz will also be donating a GIFT BAG of her zines and comics to another one of our lucky donor!

So get a move-on and DONATE… We have a long way to go, and Papercut needs you!

Thanks Again,

Our 2011 Fundraising Drive! Keep Papercut open for just $5…

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This May, Papercut Zine Library will celebrate its 6th year of operating, and a whole year of paying rent at our current location. In that time we have:

*Hosted zine release parties, musical performances, movie showings, and other events
*Showcased works of local artists by incorporating a gallery into our space
*Secured a grant from the Somerville Arts Council – Our first grant ever!
*Held a series of hands-on workshops on zines throughout the Boston area
*Continued to develop workshops, work with local groups, and remain active in our community

As excited as we are about our accomplishments this year, there are new challenges that we are working to overcome. Though it may be in our future, we are not presently a 501(c)(3), which means that our beloved library project is managed by a handful of dedicated unprofessionals, with very limited fundraising knowledge and experience.

Our DIY ethos means we want our services and events to be affordable; membership is free/sliding-scale, late fees are trifling, and we ask sliding-scale prices for merch and events, never turning anyone away for lack of funds. We are deeply appreciative for the membership donations and on-going support of our friends. As we work towards longer-term financial sustainability we are initiating a new fundraising campaign; one that could fund our entire operation for the next year or more!

*The Plan*

Our library member base includes over 1,350 zine-loving folks. If even 1,000 of our members each gave just $5 in the next 5 weeks, we could cover all of our expenses for an entire year.

We have established the goal of raising $5,000 by June 1st. With your help, we can reach this goal and continue to provide access to our collection, host events and workshops, showcase local artists and continue to expand our programming throughout the year!

*How to Donate*

More than anything, we’d love for you to come by our new space. Come see first-hand what your donation will be going towards, and meet the librarians themselves.

If you cannot make it down to the library, Papercut can also now receive checks and Paypal donations.

*Checks can be made out to Papercut Zine Library, and sent to: 226 Pearl St, Somerville, MA 02145
*Paypal donations can be sent via our Chip In Page

*We would like to thank you…*

Every patron who comes to Papercut and donates will receive a special gift from us!
* $5: a giftpack which includes a Papercut button, sticker, patch and a letter of thanks.
* $30 or more: a limited-edition zine about our library, created especially for our donors.
*If we receive more than $50, our creative team will add still more ways to show our gratitude.

Thank you for being part of the Papercut Zine Library, whether you have checked out zines, attended an event, or donated your own zine on the regular. We librarians are excited and proud to showcase these works, and be a part of such a supportive community of creative folks.
The Papercut Zine Librarians

Comics 101! 4/23 at 1PM

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Did you know that Papercut has nearly 4,000 comics, ranging from the independent favorites by Daniel Clowes, Adrian Tomine, and the like to obscure superhero comics about vampires, werewolves, cowboys (and everything in between!)??

If this is relevant to your interests, stop by on Saturday, April 23 for a very special info-session on our comics library, publishing your own independent comics and more!This will be hosted by our own comic-expert, LB. Free refreshments provided. Special thanks to the Somerville Arts council for supporting this as part of our series of zine workshops this spring!

Please take this survey!

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Whether you’ve been to our new space or not, we greatly appreciate any of our friends taking this survey:


It is only 10 questions long, and will give us a better understanding of how to make our library accessible and exciting for all of our patrons!

Thank you so much

Where to find comics in Somerville?

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The Somerville Voice shouted us out recently in an article aboutjust how comic-friendly our city is! Check it out by clicking here!

In addition to the self-published mini-comics described in the article, the bulk of our comic collection is actually more along the lines of old-school superhero comics ranging from blood-sucking vampires, werewolves, and maniacal monkeys to the traditional batman and superman crowd.

We’ve also recently acquired some fantastic graphic novels, such as Adrian Tomine, Daniel Clows, and the World War 3 series.

Come by soon and get a special comic-themed library card, or make your own at the library!

Items for sale!


We have a few items that we or our friends have made for us to sell!

Every little bit helps us in paying our bills and telling people about the library.

If you aren’t from the area, but still want to support, check out our BigCartel page for ordering info::

A very early video about us!

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This video was made in the first few months that Papercut was open in Harvard Square. We have since moved to Somerville, and expanded our collection by the thousands! It’s amazing to watch this and see how we’ve grown.

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