Freeze the zines 2016!

Written By: Betty Slutsky Published: Feb 23rd, 2016

When 55 degree torrential downpours followed a subzero weekend, pipes burst and flooded Papercut Zine Library, soaking and damaging boxes containing several hundred to a thousand zines, many decades-old and irreplaceable. After consulting the New England Document Conservation Center (NEDCC), Papercut librarians quickly moved the soggy zines into the pizza freezer at the landlord’s restaurant across the street. The NEDCC told us the only way to save the zines is to get them professionally vacuum freeze dried, which, between boxing and shipping and treatment at the facility in Pennsylvania, carries a ~$2,000 price tag.

Yesterday we set up this fundraiser and thanks to a swift and enormous outpouring of support, from which we are still reeling, the vacuum freeze drying professionals picked up the ten carefully packed boxes of zines TODAY!  They’re heading to the facility in Allentown, PA this week!  Our fundraising goal also reflects a year of rent, as we have been running low on rent money lately and haven’t even set up internet in the location we’ve been at for nearly a year. With your help, this shan’t be the case for long!

Bye for now, zines! Come back dry and room temperature so we can read and love you again!

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