State of the Papercut Address: An Open Community Meeting to Discuss Papercut’s Future

Written By: Betty Slutsky Published: Jul 9th, 2014

State of the Papercut Address
An Open Community Meeting to Discuss Papercut’s Future
Wednesday July 23, 7PM
Lorem Ipsum, 1299 Cambridge Street, Cambridge 02139

Papercut is on the move again and we invite you to brainstorm our next steps with us. After all, we collect and make these zines available for YOU! We bring the snacks, you bring your zine-love, your ideas, your resources, and your idea-ful and resourceful friends! Hear more about the situation and our temporary space (launching ~August 1st) and tell us things you want us to know. Maybe it’s about how we’re doing, what you want to see in our future location, who you think we should work with or talk to, and where you want to see us go, whether that’s literal or figurative! Let’s do this!

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