Detonating on Tuesday, 6.17!

Written By: Betty Slutsky Published: Jun 15th, 2014

Papercut + Topside Press’ Trans Women Writers Summer Tour present:

Tuesday June 17th, 7PM
1299 Cambridge Street, Cambridge

Botched SEX change. Sketchy DRUGS. ROCKer stripper crime family. ROLLed ice cream truck.
I’ve Got a Time Bomb reads as a novelized memoir, with all names and places so badly mangled as to be inadmissable in court, and past the statute of limitations anyway.

Visual artist and zinester Sybil Lamb is coming to town with zinester and stand up comedian Red Durkin, and Cambridge will never be the same again. Joining them is local writer and performer Adrienne Price, who will be reading from a memoir she wrote in the mental hospital.

Related: some locals, inspired by Red Durkin’s example, are organizing a Boston Area Trans Ladies Picnic for Sunday June 22nd at 2PM in Franklin Park. While you must be a trans lady to attend, you needn’t be a trans lady to promote it!

If you can’t make it to the event, you can order Sybil Lamb’s book here!

Sybil Lamb does not have a time bomb. She gave it to a girl she liked.

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