Saturday 7PM: Closing Party for Prison Art Show at Papercut Zine Library!

Written By: Betty Slutsky Published: Sep 14th, 2011

As you may have heard, the walls of the Papercut Zine Library in Somerville are currently displaying many fine works of incarcerated artists, as sent to local prison abolition/prisoner support groups Boston Anarchist Black Cross and Black and Pink. These pieces are all for sale, btdubs, and for entirely reasonable prices.

As you may have also heard, Papercut Zine Library is leaving Somerville at the end of the month and moving into the Lorem Ipsum bookstore in Inman Square in Cambridge, aspiring to be operational again November 1.

Between Papercut, Boston ABC, and Black and Pink, here is an opportunity to show some love for three longstanding projects– all in the same room. Though their focuses and work differ, all do concrete work to share and avail information, develop relationships, and generally build a new world in the shell of the old. So turn out and earn bragging rights for being present at one of the few remaining hurrahs of the Papercut Zine Library at 226 Pearl Street, 02145. Join us this Saturday the 17th from 7-10pm in celebrating the end of this joint exhibit of magnificent, thought-provoking, and frequently fun art! There will be refreshments, some live music, and hopefully you!

Photo by Shawn Musgrave at the Dig


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