Hours changing, Circulation ceasing, and oh yea…we are moving!

Written By: Papercut Zine Library Published: Jul 25th, 2011

Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Patrons,
Papercut will soon cut our open hours down to Saturdays and Sundays, 2-7PM, with Monday the 8th being our last Monday for a while. We apologize if this makes visiting difficult for anyone, but we are still able to open by appointment! ┬áIf you have friends coming in from out of town, a class of students eager to learn about zines, or you just can’t seem to make it out on the weekends, please do not hesitate to drop us an email. A week’s notice is helpful, but other than that we’re pretty easygoing. Please note that if you have zines which are due on a later Monday, you can still put them through the drop slot on the front door!
In addition to changing hours, on August 20th we will halt all circulation of our materials. Not forever, but we are beginning to reorganize in preparation for another move and would like to ensure that all zines, movies, vinyl, and tapes are in order before we begin the process.
We have gotten some exciting offers and are exploring the possibilities of inhabiting a more accessible space. Although we have treasured our time and new friendships made here in East Somerville, we recognize that it is not an ideal building for us and that we should not rule out new opportunities.
Full details and final decisions on our move will be announced by September 1st, and we should be open and circulating again by January at the latest. Please come by to browse and read in the library in the meantime — and we will do our best to continue our events programming until the big move!
If you have some time in September, and would like to volunteer, please email us with any relevant info (ie: I am available at these times/I have a huge van/I love carrying heavy furniture) We could certainly use the help!
Thank you all for being a part of the Papercut Zine Library!
The Papercut Zine Librarians

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