Written By: Papercut Zine Library Published: Jun 6th, 2011

Over a hundred wonderful patrons, friends, and supporters of the library contributed to last month’s fundraising drive. We raised a little over $2,700 — which is great — but it is not as much as we had hoped.

Here is our final push to make ends meet and keep the library open another year! We will continue to fund raise through events, shows, and grants, but with the help of this fundraiser it will not need to be our main focus. Meaning, we will have more time to spend finding the best ways to archive and share our collection with ya’ll, as well as reach out the the broader community through workshops, readings, and other events.

If you have not donated, just click the little Widget guy to the right of this blog post to send us $5 (or more) via Paypal/credit card! You can also send checks or well-concealed cash to: Papercut Zine Library, 226 Pearl St. Somerville, MA 02145

If you HAVE donated: THANK YOU so much. Now, do you have any friends who might have slacked a little or forgotten to donate? Remind them that with just $5 they can help us meet our goal. Everyone’s participation is important!

$3,500 here we come!

Check out our past blog entries, below, for recent and ongoing incentives. There will be some more raffles announced this week as well. The sooner you donate, the more chance you have of winning!

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