Two more reasons to donate: Kimberly and Ben!

Written By: Papercut Zine Library Published: May 24th, 2011

We at The Papercut Zine Library have decided to add yet another incentive, and this time, it’s personal. From now until the end of our drive, we’ll be holding an auction for a chance to go on an all-expenses-paid date with either Kimberly or Ben; two of our lovely librarians. The highest bidder for each librarian wins, with all the runners-up happy in the knowledge that their money has gone to a great cause.

All you have to do is make a donation either electronically on our website ( with a note on which librarian you’d like to bid on, or in-person and we’ll make note of it. Both Kimberly and Ben are open to anyone bidding on them, because they know the date will be fun no matter what!

Now a bit about each of our librarians:

Ben is Papercut’s newest (and tallest) librarian. He was raised by wolves until the age of 17, when he was abandoned in a very large basket outside of the PZL. Thanks to his superpower of being able to absorb all knowledge that he eats, Ben learned how to read and write in English (albeit poorly) after masticating half of the Per-zine section. He now goes to a private college that he cannot afford, and plots his revenge against his former wolf-brethren.

Kimberly is Papercut’s senior librarian. She grew up in a tent constructed entirely from nutritional yeast and now can’t stand to be in the bulk foods section of her local grocer because of it. She is now dedicated to the study of historically silly punctuation (interrobangs, irony marks, etc…) and spends her weekends making coffee for comrades of the People’s Republic of Cambridge.

So come forth and bid on an amazing date with one of these two librarians! It’ll be a great time for everyone, and you’ll be helping out your friendly neighborhood zine library!

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