Comics 101 Recap

Written By: drawmedy Published: Apr 24th, 2011

This past Saturday Papercut ran its second community workshop generously supported by a grant from the Somerville Arts Council.  LB, a PZL librarian who joined the collective earlier this year, has been working for several months to organize our substantial collection of underground, hard-to-find, and independently produced comics.

In “Comics 101″ LB discussed the historical context that led to formation of both popular and underground comic trends in the United States, focusing on the impact of the Comics Code Authority and its rigid regulation of content in mainstream comic publications.  He then gave participants an overview of the eclectic and diverse holdings in PZL’s collection, ranging from zine-style DIY publications to larger-scale publications from both fringe and mainstream comic publishers.

We were pleased to welcome several first time visitors to the library for this event.  While zines are clearly the focus of our library’s collection, we hope that those with particular interests in comics will recognize the amazing resource that PZL represents within the Boston Comics community!

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