Zine Making Party: Perspectives on Religion

Written By: drawmedy Published: Dec 11th, 2010

Hi everyone!  I’m a new-ish librarian at Papercut, and this is my first post.   I’ve loved comix and zines for a looong time and for almost as long I’ve been studying and working in the field of comparative religion.   PZL’s religion section has some really interesting work, but it’s definitely one of our smaller sections and… I think it could be even awesome-er.

This Sunday, Dec. 12th from 2:00 – 7:00 I’m inviting folks to come by and put together a zine expressing ideas, thoughts, experiences, writings, art, or aaanything else related to religion.

There will be drinks, treats, paper, scissors, glue, etc……….

I want to make a zine about Islamic Steampunk!

I want to make a comic about Perpetua, the badass, gender-shifting, gladiator-confronting early Christian martyr!

I want to zine-ify “Thunder, Perfect Mind”: an ancient, near-east document discovered in the 20th century expressing a mystical and feminine voice of the divine!

Anything you want to make?  COME ON BY!

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